Passion for Precision

Cutting Edge of
Fine Blanking Technology

Fine blanking produces close tolerance parts from materials of higher thickness. Cut edge are 100% free of tear and in most cases parts are suitable for mechanical function without the need for subsequent machining. This technology enables productions of “Near net shape” and even ready to assemble sheet metal parts.

Two Wheelers

  • Transmission Parts for scooter and motor cycle
  • Clutch & Clutch Assembly Parts
  • ABS Applications parts

Four Wheelers

  • Transmission & Engine parts
  • Braking & Clutch System parts
  • Seat & Door parts
  • Seat Mechanism parts

Industrial Applications

  • Electrical
  • Textile
  • Transmission

Superior edge quality, unsurpassed by any other stamping process

Superb dimensional control,
accuracy, and repeatability

part flatness

Multiple features can be added at once to maintain precision between features

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Fine Blanking

Significant features of Fine Blanking

Fine blanking as a process is technology intensive and requires tooling that is precise and accurate. At TIDC, we have the required infrastructure that enables us to produce parts of thickness between 1.6mm and 16mm with close tolerance.

Focus on environment sustainability

The Company seeks to improve its environmental performance by adopting cleaner production methods, promotion of energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. Suitable processes and systems are developed with contingency plans and processes that help in preventing, mitigating and controlling environmental damages caused due to the Company’s operations.

Fine Blanking

The Material Edge

Ability to source steel from within TI and our association with renowned fine blanking steel mills & suppliers from overseas. Special Spherodization annealing process of Raw Material enables manufacturing of a perfect fine blanking part.


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